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We are Specialists in Natural Casings, Offal and Meat Products for Human Consumption.
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PO906  Tongue Swiss cut
PO907  Tongue blade only
PO951  Liver
PO952  Kidneys
PO953  Heart
PO954  Stomach, raw, pouched opening
PO955  Stomach, blanched, pouched opening
PO956  Stomach, raw, butterfly cut
PO957  Stomach, blanched, butterfly cut
PO958  Intestine, blanched, unopened
PO959  Intestine, blanched, opened and inside out
PO960  Rectum with crown, opened
PO961  Rectum without crown, opened
PO962  Rectum, inverted, not opened
PO963  Rectum, inverted, blanched
PO966  Crown
PO964  Uterus - Chinese Spec
PO965  Uterus - Korean Spec
PO967  Spleen
PO968  Caul Fat
PO969  Casings - Hank
PO970  Bladder
Pork Front Feet
Pork Back Feet
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